Services for Canadian Companies

We support Canadian companies interested in learning more about the German market. As part of our services, we can put together relevant market information, research suitable German sales and business partners and assist with successful tradeshow participation.

Our Services:

Market & Industry Information

Based on your products and needs, we will put relevant information about the German market together for you:

  • Market size
  • Performance of specific industries
  • Import and export data
  • Overview of distribution channels
  • Competitors
  • Industry events and associations

Business Partner Search

We assist you in finding German business or sales partners. Our services include:

  • Definition of target group(s)
  • Research and identification of German companies
  • Contacting the German companies and introducing your products and company
  • Scheduling meetings with interested German companies
  • Organising a business trip to Germany to meet with the selected companies

Trade Fair Visits

We can assist Canadian companies with their preparation for their trade show visit in Germany with the following services:

  • Recommendation of suitable trade shows in Germany based on your product portfolio
  • Support with trade show registration
  • Identification of suitable business partners in Germany based on your target group
  • Inviting German companies to meet with Canadian company at tradeshow
  • Support with planning of business trip to Germany

German Commercial Register Search

You envisage to do business with a company established in Germany but wish to obtain more background information about that company?

We provide you with comprehensive information about companies, based on the details filed with the official German commercial registers:

  • Research of the company with the respective commercial registers
  • Excerpt of relevant company details
  • Review and evaluation of the results
  • Information about pending insolvency procedures
  • Provision of financial statements (if available)

German companies are by law registered with a local commercial register. The registers are held at the respective local courts (Registergericht) that have jurisdiction about the district in which the companies have their registered office.

Other than in Canada or the US, the commercial registers provide numerous precise details about companies, such as ownership structures, Names and mailing addresses of corporate Directors and Officers, authorised signatories, the share capital, lists of shareholders, etc.

During the incorporation process in Germany, the above details are thoroughly verified by a notary public. Germany companies also have the obligation to file any changes to the company with the commercial register in a timely manner. In the event details filed with the registers diverge from the actual details, the filed details will, in principle, be deemed to be correct, making them a highly trustworthy and reliable source for business decisions.

Details about companies can be retrieved for corporations (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung –GmbH), stock companies (Aktiengesellschaft – AG), limited partnerships (Kommanditgesellschaft – KG and GmbH & Co. KG) and general partnerships (offene Handelsgesellschaft – OHG).

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