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Looking to enter the Canadian market? With over 50 years of experience helping German companies successfully navigate the Canadian business landscape, the CGCIC’s market research service offers a comprehensive analysis of industry trends and competitive insights to inform entry strategies for businesses seeking to enter the Canadian market.

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The analysis of the new target market always precedes the expansion decision. We research industry specific information on the Canadian market for you. We offer two products for this purpose:

  • a "Pre-Market" check for an initial overview. 
  • an "In-depth market analysis" for a detailed examination of your market segment in Canada.

Pre-Market Check

A pre-market check is a valuable tool for German businesses entering the Canadian market that need initial market information to weigh the pros and cons of future market entry.

Our pre-market check provides you with:

  • Market overview
  • Important competitors 
  • Segment-specific distribution channels 
  • Current developments and market trends 
  • List of suitable government authorities 
  • Initial information on required certifications and approvals

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In-Depth Market Analysis

An in-depth market analysis is ideal for German businesses who have decided to enter the Canadian market. This service provides you with a complete overview of the Canadian market segment that focuses on your industry.

Our extensive primary and secondary research includes:

  • Market overview 
  • Further market information from industry experts 
  • Current market developments and industry trends 
  • Information about important competitors including sales territory and distribution channels
  • Segment-specific sales structures 
  • Initial information on required certifications and approvals 
  • Overview of important local trade fairs 
  • Information on relevant funding programs

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