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Find business partners in Canada with our business partner search services. We help you analyze potential partners and begin communications.

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Our well-established network of thousands of businesses allows us to help entrepreneurs looking for business partners in Canada. If you’re seeking partnership opportunities, we can help. We assist you in finding the right potential business partners, contact them on your behalf, and help arrange your first meetings together.

Our business partner search includes the following services

Creating a list of potential business partners

We begin the process by discussing a list of criteria for your desired business partners. Our team then creates a database for you with suitable matches and reviews it with you to help you decide who is the right fit.

Contacting Canadian companies

Once you have chosen the companies that you wish to connect with, the CGCIC team will begin communications, providing your information and inquiring about a potential business connection.

Organization of business meetings

Our team will organize the first virtual meeting between you and your potential business partner. We also help organize business trips to Canada, including meetings and the organization of your travel itinerary.

Additional services

The CGCIC also offers additional services during your business partner search including:

  • Writing minutes between you and potential partners during meetings
  • Adaptation of English-language advertising for the Canadian market
  • Accompaniment to business appointments

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