Market Research

CGCIC has over 50 years of experience in the Canadian market. Use our knowledge and our network for your market research!


The analysis of the new target market always precedes the expansion decision. We research industry specific information on the Canadian market for you. We offer two products for this purpose:

  • a "Pre-Market" check for an initial overview. 
  • a "Market Analysis" for a detailed and in-depth examination of your market segment in Canada.

Pre-Market Check

Our Pre-Market Check is the right tool for companies which are interested  in the Canadian market and need initial market information to weigh the pros and cons of a future market entry.

This research includes:

  • Market Overview
  • Important competitors 
  • Segment-specific distribution channels 
  • Current developments and market trends 
  • List of suitable government authorities 
  • Initial information on required certifications and approvals

Market Analysis

Our market analysis is suitable if you have already decided to enter the Canadian market. Our market analysis provides you with a differentiated overview of the Canadian market segment that is of interest to you.

The content of our extensive primary and secondary research includes

  • Market overview 
  • Further market information from industry experts 
  • Current market developments and trends 
  • Information about important competitors (e.g. sales, sales territory, distribution channels)
  • Information on major customer groups 
  • Segment-specific sales structures 
  • Initial information on required certifications and approvals 
  • Overview of important local trade fairs 
  • Information on relevant funding programs