Business Incorporation

There are numerous legal, tax and practical reasons for starting your own Canadian company. CGCIC will advise you on all aspects of setting up a company and will complete the incorporation process with the help of local lawyers experts.

The Chamber is your service provider for

  • providing an overview of the various corporate structures in Canada including federal and/or provincial incorporation options
  • the execution of the entire incorporation process in close cooperation with Canadian lawyers
  • Provision of a registered company seat in the province of your choice
  • Registration of your company with Canadian Provincial Governments 
  • Tax registration with relevant Canadian tax authorities

Information on incorporating a company in Canada

Simplifications of legal and commercial transactions

A Canadian legal entity regularly benefits from significant simplifications in legal and business transactions, such as signing insurance policies, opening bank accounts and financial reporting.

Furthermore, Canadian government authorities prefer doing business with corporations registered in Canada. This image aspect should not be underestimated.

Limitation of liability

Unlike the registration of a branch office, a company incorporated in Canada regularly constitutes extensive liability limitations.

Tax Advantages

Once incorporated in Canada, your company will be treated as a residential taxpayer. This creates transparent accounting and tax conditions and avoids the provision of security deposits at tax authorities.

Simple incorporation process

The incorporation of a Canadian company is possible within a short period of time and is associated with few formalities and comparatively low costs. A trip to Canada is not mandatory.