Interview with Dr. Bernd Abromeit-Kremser – President of Navona Investors Services Limited

Please tell me about your firm.

We like to think of Navona as a real estate-focused “Family Office”. We provide our clients with a broad range of real estate investment advice, asset and property management services, investment company management and general advisory services on tax, legal and estate planning issues.  Because of our understanding of the European as well as the North-American mindset and markets, Navona’s services are particularly attractive to European investors interested in North-American real estate.  Our office is fully bilingual and we offer reporting in both German and English.


What type of properties do you acquire and manage?

While we have had great success in acquiring industrial and retail properties, we constantly evaluate a very broad range of real estate investment opportunities based on experience derived from our diverse property portfolio, which includes residential, office and development land as well.  We currently manage approximately 4 million square feet of space on behalf of our clients, the majority of which is located throughout the Greater Toronto Area, the Greater Vancouver Area, Ottawa and the Province of Alberta.  More recently, we have given additional focus to the Texas and Florida real estate markets, which are poised for rebound.  While most of our properties are owned 100% by one entity or family, we do offer diversification opportunities in larger trophy-type properties through co-ownerships. 


What are the outstanding features of Navona Investors Services Limited?

Navona is proud of the long-term multi-generational relationships we have established with our clients and families over many years.  We are guided by the underlying approach that investment funds entrusted to Navona are treated as if they were invested by members of our own family.  The tenure of our clients confirms their trust and confidence in our services.  Navona also has an exceptionally dedicated team of employees, many of whom have been with the company for a long time.  Together, we offer above-average responsive and personalized service to our clients and tenants.  Last but not least, we team up with a large network of external service partners, providing specialized expertise in the areas of law, tax and auditing, engineering and brokerage.


Do you still have any connections to Europe?

Part of my family still lives in Germany and I travel to Europe at least twice a year to meet with our clients and discuss the status and future of their investments.


What companies or individuals require your services?

European investors who are looking for a Canadian representative and long-term partner to build their international real-estate portfolio will find our services essential.  Navona offers insightful market knowledge on socio-economic and demographic trends and has expertise in local zoning, planning and land development.  We also provide European companies with an opportunity to set up their Canadian operations by custom-designing and building a facility to their requirements, with location and lease terms tailored to their specific needs. 


Why would a foreign investor want to purchase real estate in Canada right now?

European investors have long recognized the stable political and economical environment and solid banking sector that Canada offers.  The 2008 crisis barely touched the Canadian financial and real estate markets.  We have one of the few continuous-growth economies in the G7 and are expected to lead the group along with the U.S. over the next several years.  Canada has a young, educated population, low unemployment and an abundance of natural resources, making us an appealing investment location.  Given the continuing uncertainty over the future of the European financial union, a diversification of investments into another geographic region with a stable economy makes sense.


Why did you choose Mississauga as a location for your business?

A large portion of our portfolio in located in the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario, making Mississauga a central hub for our property activities.  Toronto’s International Airport has by far the best international and national connections in Canada, while providing easy access to all other major North-American markets we are represented in.  The Province of Ontario is one of the few Canadian agricultural land markets open to foreign investors, and a favorite recreational and tourist destination.