Karim Damerje
Project Manager


Canadian Product Approvals and Certifications

  • You want to check if your products need technical certifications, approvals or product registrations?
  • You have questions about specific Canadian product regulations and the responsible government agencies?

There are a number of products for which specific regulations apply. Technical and safety standards can apply on a nationwide level (e.g. CSA standards) and on a provincial level (e.g. CRN number). For industrial and workplace safety, there might even be regional regulations that should be taken into consideration.

Our Services in Detail:

We will review which requirements and standards apply for your products and guide you to the responsible authorities:

  • Checking of requirements to import and sell your products in Canada (product approvals, certifications, registrations, notifications) 
  • Identification of relevant authorities and suitable consultants 
  • Outline of the application process, its duration, costs and required steps
  • Introduction to suitable service providers for the application

Questions? Contact us! Please send us an email with detailed information about your products, existing approvals and certifications.

Canadian Product Approvals and Requirements for specific products

  • Electrical devices need to be tested by an authorized body prior to their sale in Canada.
  • Pressure vessels and pipe fittings need to approved by provincial technical safety authorities in the provinces where the products will be used.
  • Wireless equipment is required to meet minimum technical requirements in accordance with the provisions of the Radio Communications Act and departmental standards.
  • Cosmetics, natural health products, drugs and medical devices are regulated by Health Canada. For each product category, specific regulations apply.