About us

    Facts and Figures

    Founded:  The Chamber was founded in 1968 in Montreal, QC, to strengthen the bilateral economic relations between Canada and Germany.  The office moved in 1985 to Toronto, Ontario.

    The majority of the Chamber budget comes from local revenue income (80%) such as membership fees, business services fees and event fees. 20% of the Chambers budget is covered by the Federal Republic of Germany. The yearly budget amounts to approximately CAN $ 4 million.

    Legal Structure:
    The Chamber is a non-profit organization, established under Ontario law, and its board of directors comprises of representatives in leading Canadian and German companies.

    Office: The office is located in the heart of Toronto, ON, with a total headcount of 25 employees.


    The Chamber’s three most significant functions are:


    Official Representative of German Industry and Trade

    The Canadian German Chamber promotes bilateral economic relations between Canada and Germany and is recognized as an official German Chamber of Commerce abroad by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, Berlin. The Chamber is the primary contact for German and Canadian companies, organizations and individuals interested in market entry into the respective other country.

    Member Organization

    The Canadian German Chamber consists of over 350 members in both Germany and Canada. The majority of its members are located in Ontario, followed by Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta. The organization is membership driven and its focus is to meet its member’s interests and to develop a platform for superior member networking.  The Chamber organizes first-class events throughout the year, which offer excellent opportunities for member networking and exchange of experiences.

    Service Provider

    The Canadian German Chamber provides assistance to small and medium sized companies in Germany and Canada interested in market entry into the respective country, as well as business development. Further, the Chamber offers its clients valuable contacts and business partner introductions.